Recruitment consulting

GPS upon receiving the job requisition from the client including; Time to fill period, Job Description and Caliber’s Qualification, the recruitment team starts working with the in-house data base and its different recruitment channels to get the best qualified calibers in the market.

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Personnel Services

Managing a workforce takes time. Creativity, Patience, and Intelligence. While people may be your most important asset, they can also be your biggest challenge.

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Income Salary Services

GPS creates filing and reporting systems for all it’s client’s manpower in order to create an accurate account of income tax for all contracted employees. In addition GPS takes on the task of collecting and submitting income taxes to the relevant tax authorities.

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Social Security Services

Working with the best legal and accountant firms, GPS handles all related social security documents ensuring that it’s all completed.

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Insurance Services

Through GPS’s contractual agreement with a variety of the best insurance providers, we provide our clients with an aggregate insurance solution including social, medical and health insurance.

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Expatriate Employment Services

In addition to all the aforementioned services provided for its client’s local employment force, GPS also handles all additional services related to expatriate employment matters.

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Expatriate Work Permits & Visa.

GPS handles all visa paper work and application matters, at a reduced cost for its clients, in addition to the acquisition of necessary documents and approvals from manpower force authority.

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Expatriate Payroll

GPS handles all expatriate’s payroll matters such as salary calculations including basic, as well as any other expat allowances and report it to the company’s HR management on a monthly basis.

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Payroll Services

Prepare in liaison with management, all salary calculations including basic, overtime as well as other allowance and report it to the company’s HR management on a monthly basis.

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