Global Projects Services (GPS) established in 1999, the company specializes in two main fields; recruitment and headhunting solutions as well as manpower outsourcing solutions.

Recruitment and Headhunting: Global Projects Services has many years of experience in recruiting specialists of various organizational categories including blue collar, highly experienced engineers, as well as other white collar specialties from diverse fields.

Manpower Outsourcing: The company endeavors to achieve the highest ROI for its clients through providing an integrated solution entailing; personnel services, insurance service which include social, medical and life insurance. As well as, payroll services and tax administration and settlement services. In addition to other services, specialized for expatriate employment, such as work permits, visa and payroll services. The project services provided also include housing, transportation through an expandable in house fleet of vehicles.


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Please be advised that Global Projects Services has worked as an outsource service provider for the SEGAS LNG project. Supplying manpower, equipment and various services to the major construction contractors on this project’. They completed their work in satisfactory manner.

Gary Butcher, Project Construction manager


Global Projects Services has successfully provided services for the execution of the ENPC MOPCO expansion project in Damietta, Egypt. These services have included the transportation of freight from Alexandria, provision of materials handling equipment and craft personnel’. All work has been completed on schedule and within the commercial terms of agreements.

Taylor AuburgSenior Project Director

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Location: 2 Suez Canal Tunnels Number of projects: 1 Duration: since 2015 till present Manpower Outsourcing Contract Size: around 200 (construction specialists, workers; skilled and unskilled) Contract value: 18 million EGP per year ( on average 1.5 million EGP per month)

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Petrochemicals and Fertilizers,


Location: Petrochemicals plant in Musturud Number of projects: Multiple Duration: since 2014 till present Manpower Contracting Size: 2000 (engineers, workers; skilled and unskilled), supplied 1200 (40 of which are expatriates) and in the process to supply the rest Contract value: 65 million EGP (on average 5.5 million EGP per month)

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Power Plants,

PGESCO And Doosan

Number of projects: 1 Location: Ein-Sokhna Power Plant Duration: two years Manpower outsourcing contract size: more than 650 (engineers, workers, skilled and unskilled) Contract Value: 48 million EGP ( 2 million EGP per month )

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Projects: SCCT Suez Canal Containers Terminal Location: East Port Said Duration: 3 years Manpower outsourcing contract size: 2000 (engineers, workers, skilled and unskilled; including 120 Chinese engineers and managers) Contract Value: 72 million EGP (2 million EGP per month)

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