Value Proposition

An organization’s human resources department is responsible for a variety of functions. Human resource departments oversee employee payroll and tax filing as well as employee benefit and health administration. Human resources also manage legal compliance, maintain files and records, and oversee training and development. For many businesses, the various functions of the HR department are too comprehensive and complex to maintain in-house. Businesses that outsource HR functions receive several advantages that support the company’s bottom line. Among other reasons, manpower outsourcing is required when a firm needs to complete a task in which they don’t want to hire new employees, which would imply incurring added costs that can be avoided through outsourcing.


In contracting GPS outsourcing services, we carry on the management of manpower resources on behalf of your firm. Allowing you to focus on your core business while we recruit, supply and manage the staff for you. Manpower outsourcing is also very effective when there is a lack of skilled workers especially in construction and labor intensive industries. The following is a snapshot of how your firm can benefit from outsourcing with GPS.

  • Reducing financial risk
  • Reducing legal Risks
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency